Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks has found a new love in Chicago radio DJ Tone Kapone.

Parks first shared a photo of the two together on New Year’s Eve as they rang in 2019 together, writing, “2019 we are ready,“ along with a heart emoji.

Many believed this to be a conformation of their relationship, but the on-air personality decided to make it clear with a post of his own.

“Yes, me and Phaedra are dating. Okay, cool? Is that it? That’s the big moment everybody was waiting for. Yeah, it was kind of self-explanatory on her page. I didn’t want to re-post it because it seemed like it would’ve been super weird, like, ‘look at me!’ Anybody that knows me knows I’m not that kind of guy.”

Parks told People in December about her man, but neglected to give his name.

“I have a special guy that I’ve been seeing,” she said. “I’m really excited. We haven’t introduced him to the world but he’s a baby doll. He looks like a treat because he is a treat. He’s a great guy.”