ComplexCon brought with it many surprises, one being, N.E.R.D. surprising fans with a live listening session of No_One Ever Really Dies, the group’s forthcoming album. Their appearance followed the release of their Rihanna-assisted single “Lemon,” and featured live choreography as the crowd tuned into their first project in seven years.

NPR mentioned that “Don’t Don’t Do It,” a track featuring Kendrick Lamar, sheds light on the 2016 police killing of Keith Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina. A video of the incident was made public and Scott’s wife can be heard pleading, “Don’t, don’t do it!” Pharrell spoke about watching the clip on stage: “I thought to myself, “She knows her husband is gonna die,'” he said. “And I knew in my mind, man, that’s a chorus. The only thing that video is missing is melody and music.”

Check out the tracklist below.

N.E.R.D. No_One Ever Really Dies tracklist:

1. “Everybody Hurts”
2. “Lemon” f. Rihanna
3. “Voíla” f. Wale and Gucci Mane
4. “1000” f. Future
5. “Don’t Don’t Do It” f. Kendrick Lamar
6. “Kites” f. M.I.A. and Kendrick Lamar
7. “ESP”
8. “Lightning Fire Magic Prayer”
9. ‘Rollinem 7s” f. Andre 3000
10. “Lifting” you f. Ed Sheeran
11. “Secret Life Of Tigers”