Multiple Grammy award-winner Pharrell Williams has announced the return of his bi-weekly show OTHERtone on Apple Music 1, in a release obtained by EBONY.

Appearing on Zane Lowe to announce the upcoming season of his series, Pharrell detailed the process of collaborating with Drake and Brent Faiyaz.

“I think as soon as I played the track, he totally got it, “ he said. “His face just lit up. And then we got the University of Frost School of Music, the Dean, Shelly Berg, I got him to replay the strings. It was essentially 30 tracks of strings, live string players, this was amazing. And also want to just give back to that school as well, because they've been so good to me. And then he hit me, and told me Drake wanted to get on. And I was like, 'All right.' It's just like salt bae. It's like just adding them finishing touches. You feel me?”

Also, he spoke candidly about being in a better mental place after dealing with the murder of his cousin and the passing of his great-aunt.

“Let me say this, let me say this. Bro, I'm so fu*king clear right now, this is different,” he continued. “ I went on vacation because I hadn't been on one for two and a half years; it really weighed down on me. I had a cousin who was murdered. And the process wasn't fair, and it just didn't feel good the way it was being handled. My great aunt who lived a long life. She's 94 years old. She passed a couple of days later. So it was like a double whammy. And I was just very heavy." 

“There was just so much going on, but I'm so clear right now. When I came back from vacation, I got to tell you man. When people ask me, usually how you doing? I was, 'Oh man, you know what? I'm grateful.' Right? Because that just lets the universe know, no matter what I'm going through, good, bad or indifferent, I get it,” he noted.

According to the show’s description, “OTHERtone is a glimpse into the minds of our culture's unicorns and how they think about life, art, and everything in between. Float in the stream of culture alongside Pharrell, Scott, and Fam-Lay as they link up with the most brilliant spirits from the worlds of music, tech, business, art, and fashion for conversations that are human, inspiring, unexpected, and fun.” 

The new season of OTHERtone debuts this Sunday, August 29th at 3 PM PST/6 PM EST with guest Soulja Boy.