Pharrell Williams is doing some fall cleaning.

The Grammy award-winning musician is auctioning off his unique collection of luxury goods on his new online auction site Joopiter, reports GQ.

Potential buyers will have the opportunity to purchase garments that Williams has worn as well as clothing he's designed that has been housed in his storage vaults.

Items up for auction include Swarovski crystal-embossed Adidas sneakers; customized, hand-painted Timberland boots; and a gold-encased Blackberry; a multicolored diamond N.E.R.D. chain designed by Jacob & Co.; a gold PlayStation Portable; and a multicolor leather jacket with “WOMEN’S RIGHTS” inscribed across the chest. In total, over 50 items will be available on the auction site.

On Instagram, Williams said the launch of Joopiter is "the beginning of a new era.”

“Joopiteroffcial is about letting go of the past,” his post read. “Of EVERYTHING. Recognizing that I felt a compulsion and responsibility to hold on to what has passed and am setting myself free.”

In an interview with the Financial Times, Pharrell’s manager reminded him of just how much merchandise he's accumulated over the years.

"My business manager was like, 'Hey, at this point, you have 11 different storage units," Williams said. 

While the site will launch with Williams' items up for sale, eventually, other collections will be available on the site.

Joopiter will launch its inaugural auction, "Son of a Pharaoh," named after Williams' father, on October 14, 2022.