Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s recent announcement to encourage hungry Philadelphians — and those who feed them outdoors — to move to indoor has sparked outrage. Despite the fact that Nutter’s outdoors-ban will go into effect in mid-April, many nonprofit groups still plan to continue their work outdoors. The mayor defended his plan as a way to increase the health, safety, dignity, and support for the homeless, but many believe new investors to Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Love Park, and other city venues is the motivation behind the regulation.

Leaders of Chosen 300 Ministries and We Feed the Homeless say there is not enough space to accommodate all the homeless that need to be fed. "We don't have refugees, these people are Americans, we don't believe the Mayor should be putting this out and we need to come together as churches, as civic organizations and as non-profit organizations to push back against this policy,” said Craig Stroman, CEO and co-founder of We Feed the Homeless Philly. Once the law goes into effect, violators will face two warnings and then a $150 fine.

Is the mayor's reasoning behind this announcement believable, or is it likely that he has an ulterior motive?