It’s Valentine’s Day, a holiday that some greet with the enthusiasm of a spoiled kid on Christmas morning, while others go in to hiding until the 16th to ensure they aren’t exposed to any parts of the flowers, cards and candy that signal the romantic celebration. It doesn’t matter if you are single, spoken for or somewhere in between; today is the perfect time to nibble on some chocolate and listen to some seriously groovy romantic tunes.

Enter Phonte Coleman, the singer/emcee formerly of Little Brother, currently of The Foriegn Exchange and the dude riding high from the release of his critically-acclaimed debut solo album Charity Starts at Home. Tiggalo, as his momma’nem call him, has put together a list of his top-10 Valentine’s Day jams to get you and your boo (or maybe just you) in the proper mood for today’s love celebration. Enjoy!

Al Green- “Judy”

A lesser known gem from The Good Reverend’s 1972 “Let’s Stay Together” LP.  Sweet, simple goodness.  And if your lady’s name actually is Judy, then hey….

Elizabeth & The Catapult- “Right Next To You”

Singer-songwriter Elizabeth Ziman’s sleepy-eyed ode to unconditional love.  Perfect layup music.

Heatwave- “Star Of A Story”

One of my all-time favorite love songs of all-time in the history of all-time greatest love songs.  Of all time.

The Foreign Exchange- “Take Off The Blues”

Ol’ wannabe Gerald Levert meets Anthony Hamilton’s scraggly beard lookin mofo… *cough*

Van Hunt- “Moving Targets”

The centerpiece of his latest album, “What Were You Hoping For?” is a sensually distorted love story told from the hunter’s point of view.  If this one doesn’t help you uhh, ‘hit’ said target…just put your gun away.

Big Maybelle- “Candy”

Because what’s Valentine’s Day without it?

Thundercat- “Walkin”

The Los Angeles-based bassist’s sunny love song makes a heartfelt plea to his special lady: “Don’t ever leave me alone.  Without you, where would I be?”

Bobby Brown- “Roni”

If you believe in love and all that it can do for you, play this one for your lady and take her back to a time when y’all were both younger, thinner, and didn’t have to schedule adult time around playdates, homework, and PTA meetings.

Trillville- “Some Cut”

Sometimes you want to kiss your woman and hold her tight and tell her how she’s the love and light of your world.  But other times, you just want her to buss it wide open for a goon.  Yin and yang.

Whitney Houston- “My Love Is Your Love”

One of the best cuts from latter-era Whitney; showcasing a more subtle vocal approach in contrast to the sweeping ballads that marked her career.  It would take an eternity to break our love for you, Ms. Houston.  Rest in peace.