Lee Daniels has brought a new voice of comedy and commentary to the stage. Ain't No Mo', the brainchild of Jordan E. Cooper, the youngest Black playwright to ever play on Broadway, dares to ponder what would happen if the U.S. government offered all Black Americans a plane ticket back to Africa. Told through a high-octave series of vignettes, each story examines different aspects of the Black experience, which are tethered together by brash and sassy gate agent Peaches, played by Cooper in drag.

With an incredible roster of talented performers that step into multiple roles, Cooper aptly examines what defines Blackness in America and questions if we could ever leave it all behind. EBONY joined the cast, Daniels, Cooper and Director Stevie Walker-Webb on opening night, where Photo Director Keith Major captured stunning portraits of the amazing ensemble. Check out the exclusive images below.