Though the fashion icon and editor André Leon Talley has passed on, we will forever remember his unmatched spirit, vibrant personality and bold looks. His chic and illuminating ensembles—from his beautiful custom caftans to his exotic textured coats—always turned heads.

Below, we rounded up a few of his looks that best captured his one-in-a-million personality, grace and style.

Caftan and Capes

André's commanding caftans and capes—whether solid, sequined or patterned—were always a sartorial feast for our eyes.

ALT as the Grand Duke of ruffles. Image: Ron Galella for Getty Images.
All that glimmers. Image: Billy Farrell for Getty Images.
Image: Dimitrios Kambouris for Getty Images.
Wild at heart in a leopard-print dashiki. Image: Billy Farrell for Getty Images.
André taking his look to church at a Costume Institute Met Gala event. Image: Larry Busacca for Getty Images.
Here, he complements his stately suit with a bit of steely flourish. Image: Billy Farrell and Patrick McMullan for Getty Images.
A red scarf adds a finishing touch to his monochromatic wraparound. Image: Billy Farrell and Patrick McMullan for Getty Images.
A grand caftan with a painterly design. Image: Araya Doheny for Getty Images.
Pairing his black caftan with a bold necklace, simple tie and rhinestoned-detailed witch-buckle flats by his bestie Manolo Blahnik. Image: Chance Yeh and Patrick McMullan for Getty Images.

We bet Miuccia Prada would approve of this patterned brocade. Image: David M. Benett and Dave Benett for Getty Images.

Exotic Flex

Exotic skins and textures helped him standout.

This alligator red coat is a forever fave. Image: Patrick McMullan and Billy Farrell for Getty Images.
ALT getting a leg up with this ostrich camel coat. Image: Andrew H. Walker for Getty Images.
The bigger, the better when it came to his LV. Image: Toni Anne Barson Archive/WireImage for Getty Images.
Olive is the new neutral when it comes to skins. Image: Nick Hunt /Patrick McMullan for Getty Images.
Camel croc with a chic black briefcase bag. Image: Duffy-Marie Arnoult/WireImage for Getty Images.
An all black stunner. Image: Billy Farrell and Patrick McMullan for Getty Images.
Though technically not an exotic skin, this leather fringe coat is swishy enough for any affair. Image: Patrick McMullan and Chance Yeh for Getty Images.

Fly-Ass Furs

You couldn't tell Andre nothin' when it came to his furs. He'd throw one on his back, wrap it around his neck or casually tote one around as he floated about town.

A brand new BMW and extra-long fur scarf are the perfect accompaniments for his day's attire. Image: Eugene Gologursky for Getty Images
Who says fur and pinstripes don't go together? Image: Shane Gritzinger for Getty Images.
ALT giving us that ultra-rich bitch vibe. Image: Disciullo/Bauer-Griffin for Getty Images.
ALT being casual in a logo-dripped Louis Vuitton coat. Image: Patrick McMullan for Getty Images
Image: Patrick McMullan for Getty Images
A skunk fur and brown saddles shoes complement his look. Image: Billy Farrell/Patrick McMullan.
Image: Billy Farrell/Patrick McMullan.
According to André, there's no such thing as too much fur. Image: Photo-Jonathan Ziegler /Patrick McMullan
Looking ever so dapper in a soigné suit and a fur muffler. Image: Luc Castel for GettyImages.
Big, warm accessorizes match his personality. Images: Arnaldo Magnani for Getty Images.

Sharp Suits 

Whenever he showed up in a suit, you knew he meant business.

Banker stripes and a satin tie. Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for Getty Images
Gray can never be boring when paired with velvet peep-toe flats. Image: Billy Farrell/PatrickMcMullan for Getty Images
ALT pairs his seersucker suit with a woven straw fan worthy of Uncle Karl. Image: Michel Dufour/WireImage for Getty Images
A brown polka dot tie adds a bit of panache to an otherwise plain ensemble. Image: Neil Rasmus/PM for Getty Images
A Southern gentleman in a light grey linen combo. Image: Chance Yeh/PatrickMcMullan for Getty Images
Red shoes add a pop of color to his fancy all-black attire. Image: Sylvain Gaboury/FilmMagic for Getty Images
Pinstripes and polka dots—what a pair! Image: Billy Farrell/PM for Getty Images

High Class Hats

From royal-looking turbans to simple baseball, Andre always turned heads with his flair.

Who wore it better? André or Pharrell? Image: Monica Schipper for Getty Images.
Looking like an old world gansta in bowler hat and fur collar coat. Image: Carmen Valdes for Getty Images.
A bejeweled turban befitting fashion royalty. Image: Randy Brooke/WireImage for Getty Images.
Whether wearing a baseball cap or white fedora, André always looked debonair. Image: Nick Laham for Getty Images
ALT is giving us an imperial Russian vibe from head to toe. Image: Foc Kan/WireImage for Getty Images
Here, he pairs a monochromatic caftan with a furry cossack hat and tribal beaded collier. Image: Gary Gershoff/WireImage for Getty Images
A neat trilby is a forever classic topper. Image: Craig Barritt for Getty Images