Six White high school students in Moody, Alabama are being accused of racism after posting a picture of them standing on a Black male student, who’s lying face down on the floor with the caption “We got us one,” reports.

The Moody High School Principal said that the group of students are all friends and it was a meant to be a joke, but that the picture is offensive.

“We have confirmed that all students involved are friends and participated voluntarily in creating the picture, which they say was intended to be a ‘joke’,” Principal Christopher Walters told on Monday. “The picture is offensive and unacceptable, and it does not reflect the values of our school, our students, or our community,”

Social media users blasted students and have rejected claims that “there’s nothing racist” about the photo.

“It’s disgusting, disgraceful and disturbing to see this picture and claim that there’s nothing racist about it! Why are there so many people in this country so proud of their ignorance and backward thinking?” one commenter said, per

It’s unclear when the photos were taken, but the students have apologized for the controversial image.

Austin Glass, one of the White students in the photo, said it was taken “out of proportion” and that students at each grade level were participating in the theme of dressing up as different travel destinations.

“If I could go back, I wouldn’t have took the picture,” he told CBS 42. “I probably wouldn’t have even dressed up for that day.”

The Black student in the photo, Nick Fuller, told the station that he was sorry for offending people.

“I’m thinking about it now, but I didn’t think about it when we first took the photos. I’d still like to say sorry again for anyone I offended,” he said.