A Pittsburgh man who allegedly burned down the home where two women and a young girl resided, previously went on strange rants about Black women on social media.

41-year-old Martell Smith is suspected of causing the fire that killed 4-year-old Chy’enne Manning, her mother, 21-year-old Shamira Staten and 58-year-old Sandra Carter Douglas.

The alleged arson was an apparent act of retaliation for a fight Smith was involved in with Douglas’ son outside of a nightclub earlier that night. After the altercation, Smith reportedly went to a gas station to buy the gasoline he would use to start the fire.

The man Smith aimed to target wasn’t home during the fire.

“Yep, yep, I did it,” Smith reportedly said as he watched the fire. “They shouldn’t [mess] with me.”

A witness at the scene also said they heard Smith say, “I heard Sandra was in there…She’s dead…Oh well. That’s life. They made me do it,” he reportedly said of the mother — whom he knew on a first-name basis — he’d just killed.

He’s being charged with multiple counts of arson, homicide and endangerment.

In a November Facebook Live video, Smith made a 11-minute video filled with misogynoir and toxic masculinity.

In the post, Smith refers to Black women as selfish and claims a “Black women’s mouth is probably the No. 1 cause of mental abuse in the world…and the planet.”

“None of y’all want to talk about the things you do that literally breaks down your children, breaks down your family, breaks down your community and breaks down your race,” he continued.

Smith occasionally interjects a proclamation of love for Black women before seguing into more harebrained generalizations. He even asserts that in the majority of shootings in which the perpetrator and victim are Black men, Black women are the ones encouraging the killings.

It’s unlikely Smith’s troubling contempt for Black women was related to his motive for the killings, but the frightening depths of his misogynoir are well worth noting.