Actress and singer Coco Jones is currently all the rage. The 24-year-old Nashville, Tennessee native not only blew us away in her role as Hilary Banks in the Bel-Air reboot. But, she's also blowing us away with her powerful vocals that she showcases to her more than 1.7 million followers on social media. She recently debuted her EP, What I Didn’t Tell You, and fans can’t get enough. 

Singing has always been her first love. It's something that's been a part of her life before she could speak, as shown in many childhood videos. One of the first people to discover her talent was a friend of her mother, who noticed her voice while she was singing a Barney song. As for her role on Peacock's hit series, well, she initially didn't think it was for her.

"I landed the role by auditioning but I didn't want to audition. My team had to convince me, because I didn't think I fit the role of Hilary," Jones shares.

Actress and singer Coco Jones. Image: BH Exquisite Eye.

Beyond the music and big screen, Coco Jones is all about restoration.

"My downtime is very restorative. Sometimes that means therapy or journaling," she says. "Or, sometimes, I really just need to party and feel normal. So I'll go somewhere with my friends and have a blast."

Her schedule as an actress and vocalist is very inconsistent and often fluctuates. Some days she's spending her day filming for hours on end. On others, she's focused on writing new music or laying down tracks at the studio. No matter the day, there are a few tech items and gadgets that she can't go without—especially her iPhone and Macbook.

"I'm always using them to connect, answer emails and create music."

EBONY asked Coco Jones to share the top 10 items that she can't live without as a busy entertainer and songstress.

Watch Series 8
"I love using this to track my workouts," shares the "Bel Air" star.

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"The programs are great and super challenging while delivering amazing results"

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Smart WiFi A19 Full Spectrum Light Bulb (4-pack)
"I love using smart light bulbs because I can control everything from my phone without ever having to leave my bed. Two birds with one stone!"

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6-in-1 Indoor Grill with Air Fryer
"I love to use this to cook literally anything. It grills, air fries, dehydrates and bakes," Jones says.

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MacBook Air
"Sometimes the little screen isn't enough," shares the Bel-Air star.

Price: $1200

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Cync Smart Plug
"We all know the feeling of leaving something plugged in when we leave the house, it's stressful! With these, I can make sure things are turned off from my phone as well. I love it."

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V8 Vacuum Cleaner
Best vacuum out there. It will literally change your life."

Price: $350

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iPhone 14 Pro Max
"A classic," Jones says. "What would I do without my phone?"

Price: $1100

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Foodi Power Blender
"It's the fastest working blender I've ever used. It truly gets the job done," explains Jones.

Price: $200

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unnamed (4)
Workspace (formerly G-Suite)
"My entire life is in Google Workspace."

Price: $12 per month

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