Technology is truly the future, and the founders of digital tech platform, Lockerverse couldn't agree more. Founded by William A.I. “Trey” McDonald, Esq., James Carlos McFall, Esq., Marcus Rance and Savannah James—yes, the Savannah James, the brand aims to equip athletes and creators with a range of tools that are essential to successful fan engagement and monetization in the future of the internet.

The three men met during their tenure at Stanford University. After, McDonald and McFall would end up at the same prestigious law firm, where they represented an all-star roster of high-profile talent and athletes. They later made the decision to come together as a trio, and create the brand, with friend and client, Savannah James.

"Essentially what we got good at was representing a lot of high profile athletes, artists, entertainers," Trey McDonald says. "What we saw was that they were getting frustrated about the inability to engage with their fans, and it was equally difficult for their fans to engage with them because of technological pain points. While it was great to represent some of the most affluent and high-profile entertainers, in order for us to have a meaningful impact on people who look like us, we decided to use blockchain technology in a meaningful way to actually have that positive impact."

Lockerverse is certainly positioning itself to become the go-to tech platform that will bridge the gap for creators, athletes and fans. While Savannah James is a founder, McDonald, McFall and Rance are responsible for the day-to-day operations—and as you can imagine, they are on-the-go often to ensure the wheels keep turning.

"There's probably no average day, each day is very, very different. A day or week can include meeting with investors, meeting with talent, or just trying to set the strategic vision for the company," McDonald shares.

"Some days are more product focused, some are more finance or investor focused," Marcus Rance adds. "But it's been fun to touch every piece of the business and really build this thing."

With such demanding schedules, the men rely on several tools, apps, and gadgets to ensure their productivity and efficiency is at its highest.

"Technology is at the core of everything that we do," James McFall says. "It would be really difficult to build a tech company of this nature without it. I rely on things like my Apple battery pack, because oftentimes, when rushing out of investor meetings or meeting directly with talent or a partner, you can't always just pull out your phone charger. So having a portable battery pack that just clips on to my phone is super efficient and really helps us."

As for what's to come for the brand, they'll be working closely with basketball heir and phenom Bronny James, who will have upcoming projects on the app. Also, you can look for a range of exclusive, never-released music to come through the platform, too.

"We've got unreleased music from folks like Nipsey Hussle and Mr. Lee, the super producer," McFall shares. "They're releasing some things exclusively on our platform, more details on that coming soon."

Below, the Lockerverse founders share 7 gadgets and tools they can't live without.

X100 Digital Camera + App
"The X100F camera is designed like a vintage film camera, but it's actually digital and capable of shooting video. Because of its vintage aesthetic, people don’t seem to mind when I'm capturing content," Trey McDonald.

Price: $1500

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MagSafe Battery Pack
"As someone who uses their phone constantly to schedule and communicate with internal team members & external partners, I can't have a dead iPhone. The battery pack allows me to charge my phone while on the go," James McFall.

Price: $99

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230x0w (1) copy
" Its vibrant community, culture-shaping content, and diverse array of opportunities never fail to inspire us, reaffirming the profound impact we have in empowering athletes, entertainers, artists, designers, and brands to thrive and forge authentic connections with their fans," Lockerverse founders.

Price: Free

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Grill and Smoker
"I’ve started getting into cooking a bit, and it’s been fun to try different recipes on," Marcus Rance says.

Price: $1000

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PDP_Snagit-1_EN copy
2023 Version
"It’s a great tool I use to take screenshots and draw on them to indicate what I’m trying to highlight on the fly. I also use this tool to record and edit videos," Marcus Rance.

Price: $63

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PDP-floorstand-new_700x copy
Pro Baby Camera HD
"As the father of a 6-month-old, this product is invaluable. It gives you the ability to check in on my son from the next room or while traveling for business," says James McFall.

Price: $349

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ENG-App-Enkel-3D-1-e1672907667441 copy
The Wonder Weeks
"As a new dad of a toddler, I'm fascinated by my daughter's schedule and brain development. This app enables me to track her developmental leaps and provides a list of signals I should observe to ensure she's progressing well," Trey McDonald.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

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