Nigerian-born and Texas raised, Vivian Odior is a busy woman. As the Global Head of Brand for What'sApp, an app that serves more than 2 billion people globally, she's constantly on the go while also managing several teams across multiple time zones and continents. Odior's network is vast, with her friends and family also spanning the globe.

An average day for Odior requires using both sides of her brain. From how the brand will embed itself into culture creatively to how the business is moving strategically, it's all a part of her duties.

Vivian Odior, What'sAppGlobal Head of Brand. Image: Matt Sayles.

Beyond the workspace, she's like most of us. She digs a boozy brunch, reading the latest books and perusing all-things digital content—and somewhere in between all of that, she's also in the gym working on her fitness.

"One thing about me is when it comes to entertainment or things I enjoy, I'll do a full loop on it," she shares. "I'll watch a series, then listen to a podcast on it and go back to look at the behind the scenes on it. I really just love to be entertained."

While her iPhone is always at her side, the marketing guru also keeps an Android on-hand, so that she can stay tapped in to how consumers are engaging with WhatsApp from different interfaces. Beyond her cell and laptop, what products keep the exec going day-to-day, week-to-week? She comes from a large family, and had to learn to share early on, but now, she appreciates products and gadgets that can be customized just for her.

"A long time ago, I started implementing the three C's of purchasing. When I think of gadgets I add or purchase, I ask myself, 'does it add to my comfort, does it drive convenience and does it help me feel confident.' I don't just buy gadgets to buy them; everything has a purpose in my home."

Here are the tech gadgets and products Vivian Odior can't live without.

Quest 2
"For years I've struggled to add things like meditating, stretching and light movement to my routine outside the gym," Odior says. "My favorite part of my MetaQuest 2 is it has made at home wellness more of an engaging experience for me."

Price: $400

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QuietComfort Earbuds II
"I love the convenience of tapping into content on the go and still feeling like I can experience the quality sounds of a podcast, a song, or a movie. My Bose earbuds really live up to their comfort promise, and it makes it easy to relax and enjoy anywhere I am," Odior explains.

Price: $300

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Pure Cool Link
"I can breathe easy all day knowing I’m filtering dust and pollen while I work from home. My fan also just sounds so soothing and makes it easy to feel relaxed while I work," says Odior.

Price: $300

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Pattern Beauty
Hair Dryer
"Who doesn’t love when products are made specifically with them in mind? I love that this blow dryer was built with curly and coily hair like mine in mind. I also really enjoy it aesthetically. It strikes the right balance of sturdy and sleek and fits right into my home decor," shares Odior.

Price: $189

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Smart Grinder Pro
"I refuse to start my day without a quality cup of coffee, and I love to pick up coffee beans from my travels around the world," explains the WhatsApp exec. "With my Breville, each morning is a delight as I get to choose from a large array of coffee beans, grind them fresh and switch it up each day."

Price: $200

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Nest Thermostat
"Google Nests are a triple win because they look sleek, adjust automatically and ultimately work to save energy. I love that mine saves me the trouble of adjusting the temperature in the morning while I get ready. One less thing to do in the morning is a win!" reasons Odior.

Price: $130

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Shani Darden
Facial Sculpting Wand
"I love everything from Shani and this is no different," says Odior. "I definitely feel smoothness in my forehead but my favorite part is it just feels like a special treat for my face as I wind down for the day."

Price: $400

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Clean LR30 Hybrid+
"Even as a child, I looked forward to outsourcing housecleaning. My Eufy is the miracle worker that gets my floors dust and particle free without me lifting a finger. It saves me a lot of time on cleaning."

Price: $350

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Elis 1 Smart Body Scale + app
"I have learned the importance of looking beyond just weight when it comes to physical health. This scale and connected App help give me a well-rounded picture of everything from muscle mass to body fat," shares Odior. "This keeps me motivated on my fitness journey to ensure I'm in good health."

Price: $27

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Lunata Beauty
Cordless Convertible Curling Iron
"This wand comes on the road with me and is so easy to use. The best part is, I no longer need to feel trapped in one room while I curl my hair," says Odior.

Price: $182

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Theragun Elite
"To unwind after a day of activity and treat sore muscles, this is my go to. As soon as I tried it, I had to get one for my parents also, and they love it. It just does the job and helps me take a big exhalation—much like a massage would."

Price: $400

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