The man who is suspected of killing four people at a Nashville Waffle House was arrested by police on Monday, Buzzfeed News reports. 

Travis Reinking, 29, was captured by police in a wooded area after police launched a manhunt for the suspected killer.

Prior to his arrest, a Nashville Police Department spokesman said that Reinking would eventually come out of the wooded area due to lack of resources.

“If he is still in the woods, he’s been there now for more than 24 hours and at some point he’s going to have to come out for food and water,” they said.

Reinking was only wearing a jacket when he went into the Waffle House with an AR-15 and opened fire on workers and diners in the early hours Sunday morning.

Reinking was rushed by 29-year old James Shaw Jr. who managed to wrestle the gun away from him before he fled away by foot.

Days before the shooting, he had stolen a BMW, officials told Buzzfeed. It was recovered at his home.

Months before the shooting, he had to try to gain access to the White House demanding to speak to President Donald Trump, according to Buzzfeed. He told the Secret Service at the time that he “was a sovereign citizen and has a right to inspect the grounds.”

Law enforcement would not say if Reinking was a member of “sovereign citizen,” a group the FBI has identified as a white supremacist domestic terror group.