The vast majority of police officers feel negatively toward the Black Lives Matter movement, results released by Aizman Law reveals.

The survey, all compiled into one document, “Blue Voices on Black Lives Matter,” are the results from 200 anonymous police officers from across the country.

When asked what they hoped the outcome of the movement would be, close to 60 percent of those surveyed said that police brutality and racism aren’t real problems for America. They felt the entire thing is overblown.

Eleven percent of those surveyed said they would like to see officers trained more on racial issues and how to de-escalate situations peacefully. Just eight percent hoped the department would connect with the Black community and Black Lives Matter.

What’s shocking is one percent of those surveyed expressed hope that BLM members would die.

“The feelings of those few officers surveyed may provide some insight into why some BLM protestors have been arrested during peaceful protests,” a summary of the study states. “However, their responses – which were write-ins and not part of our multiple-choice survey – were actually much more explicit compared with detaining BLM supporters.”

Other key findings can be seen below:

  • 30% of officers said they’d like to see Black Lives Matter protesters back off; police brutality and racism isn’t the real problem
  • 27% feel that Black Lives Matter is an overblown movement
  • 7% feel that members of the Black Lives Matter movement and public need education, especially about police procedures
  • 5% of officers believe Black Lives Matter should be considered a hate or terrorist group

In terms of work safety, the majority of officers (50 percent) said they occasionally felt unsafe. 35 percent of those surveyed said they felt unsafe at least once a week, and more than 10 percent said they feared for their lives daily.

The officers were also asked whether race factored into their feelings of safety. Almost no officers said they felt safer with a Black individual.

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