Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Philando Castile and Alfred Sterling are household names but what about women like Renee Davis or Tanisha Anderson? What about other Black women and girls who have been killed by police? It’s a question we’ve asked time and time again.

“People don’t care about Black women, they just don’t. We’re in the way in the case of Rekia Boyd. We’re angry Black women. Or we’re just too angry and too Black and too womanly in the case of Sandra Bland. We’re either too x or we’re invisible. At best we’re taken for granted, at worst we’re abused. And we see the manifestation of that on the mainstream, in the erasure of our deaths, our suffering, and of our resistance.”

This quote by Page May of Assata’s Daughters, a Chicago grassroots organization, is just one of the harsh observations in the new documentary by Al Jazeera entitled Fault Lines.

Fault Lines explores the lesser-known stories of Black women who have fallen victim to police violence in the U.S., including Rekia Boyd, Sandra Bland and others we have lost.

Watch the full documentary below.


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