A 25-year-old Arkansas woman training to be a police officer was fired for posting lyrics to a Lil Wayne song nine years ago.

The private Facebook account of Katina Jones was hacked by the friend of former Little Rock Police Department recruit Brandon Gurley. Gurley, who is also Black, was recently terminated for being in violation of the force’s social media policy. It was his discovery of the post Jones made when she was just 16-years-old that led to her dismissal.

Attorney Robert Newcomb will be representing Jones. He’s currently in search of a law which would classify the department’s actions as illegal.

“The city justifiably wants more African Americans, and here was an African American female that they invested thousands and thousands of dollars in that was doing well,” Newcomb said of Jones while speaking to ArkansasMatters.com

“They said ‘well you didn’t clear everything out and you had that offensive word. You’re fired,’” Newcomb continued. “Do we judge the chief and others by the type of music they listen to? What they need to learn from the absurd position taken by the Little Rock Police Department is that they need to just do away with it [Facebook profile] and give up that [First Amendment] right.”


Newcomb is also a lawyer for a White recruit who was recently fired for using the n-word in a social media post in 2013. If efforts aren’t made to get both of the former recruits reinstated, he intends to sue.