A family in Austin, Tex., is questioning the circumstances behind the shooting death of an unarmed and naked teenager by a police officer.

The boy, identified as David Joseph, 17, was killed by veteran policeman Geoffrey Freeman on Monday while he was responding to reports of an incident at an apartment complex, the Austin Statesman reported. Both individuals are African American.

According to Austin police Chief of Staff Brian Manley, Freeman had spoken with witnesses who said they saw one man chasing another through the complex. Freeman then received another call from neighbors not far from the apartments. When he arrived at that scene, he discovered Joseph lying in the street naked.

When Freeman approached Joseph, the teenager charged at him and the policeman opened fire, Manly told the Statesman. The entire incident lasted only a few seconds.

“We want a full and fair investigation into what led Officer Freeman to kill David,” Joseph’s family said in a statement. “David had no weapon. We do not know what lead to his meeting with Officer Freeman, but we know that our David should not have been taken away from us. No family should have to suffer like we are today.”

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