An Ohio teen has been charged with murder and aggravated robbery for her role in a police-involved shooting that left her teenage boyfriend dead.

Masonique Saunders, 16, was charged in juvenile court for the death of 16-year-old Julius Tate Jr. but may be charged as an adult during a Dec. 20 hearing, according to WCMH-TV.

A police officer shot and killed Tate on Dec. 7 after the teenager allegedly pointed a gun at an undercover police officer during a robbery sting, per reports.

Saunders is being charged with murder because, police say, she had a handgun during the attempted robbery, according to court documents.

“She’s denying that she was involved in this. And I’m not getting into the specifics of the case, but she’s denying involvement,” Byron Potts, her defense attorney, told the news station.

The teen remains in custody;  the magistrate shot down Potts’ request to have her released to her mother, citing her previous arrest record.