A Black Lives Matter art exhibit opened at the most unlikely place: a police station.

The “Black Lives in Santa Cruz: What Matters,” which opened Monday in Santa Cruz, California, draws its inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Photographer Allison Garcia uses pictures and quotes from people in the tiny Black community in Santa Cruz County to show exhibit visitors what’s important to Black residents.

The county has about 4,000 people who identify as Black, the Sentinel reports.

“I think in this time and place in our country, and in our city, that people can’t speak with each other without screaming. This was a good way to actually listen to what people are saying,”  Santa Cruz Police Chief Andy Mills told the Sentinel.

Many of the subjects in the exhibit said that it was great to see the diversity and other people of color open up about their experiences.

“It’s being highly visible, yet never really seen or heard, and yet somehow still viewed as a threat,” said Laura Turner-Essel.

More information can be found at the exhibit’s website. It runs through May 12.