Another look at the political week that was…

●      Vice President Joe Biden’s gun task force met this week with gun violence prevention groups and the NRA, to discuss a path forward for possible legislation.  Biden even hinted at the Obama administration’s willingness to go forward without Congress and issue an executive order to get something done on guns.

●      The fight to get gun legislation passed will be fierce.  NRA board member and musician Ted Nugent says that gun owners will be the next Rosa Parks.  Seriously.

●      What the heck is all this talk about a trillion dollar coin to solve to debt limit crisis about?

●      Anti-gay preacher tapped to do benediction at President Obama’s second inauguration has been removed from the program.

●      Obama taps Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary and Jack Lew for Department of the Treasury.

●      President Obama appointed 4 white guys in a row to key cabinet posts, leading to the media narrative, “Are there too many white men in the White House?

●      The nation’s first Latina Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis is leaving her post.

●      Is the Virginia Klu Klux Klan using President Obama as a recruiting tool?

●      The War on Women continues as Oklahoma is forced to shut down an abortion clinic after the state strips funding for Planned Parenthood.