Days until election day: 11

  • With the race for the White House down to the wire, focus should be on polling averages in swing states and the ground game.
  • Mitt Romney has another headache on his hands after Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said pregnancies from rape are “something God intended.”  Romney stars in an ad for Mourdock (the only ad featuring Romney in any Senate race nationwide) and has yet to withdraw his endorsement.  So far Romney is staying mostly silent on Mourdock’s comment, beyond saying he “disagrees” with the statement.
  • In an interview with David Letterman, President Obama condemned Mourdock’s comments and said, “Rape is rape. And it’s a crime.”
  • Former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed President Obama’s re-election Thursday, citing Mitt Romney’s lackluster foreign policy positions.
  • Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan says that access to affordable contraception is a threat to the poor.
  • A new food stamp bill in Pennsylvania will force women to “prove” that they were raped before allowing them to receive benefits.
  • As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney refused to give accurate birth certificates to same sex couples.
  • And even though Monday seems like forever ago, the final presidential debate took place in Florida on the topic of foreign policy with the president coming out on top.