Days Until Election Day: 4 (!)

  • This weekend is all about Team Obama and Team Romney getting out the vote! The last weekend before the election is vitally important and it will be interesting to see how these final days play out as the candidates make their final pitch to battleground state voters.
  • The campaign took a backseat this week with Hurricane Sandy pummeling the east coast.  The president stopped campaigning to respond to the crisis while Mitt Romney held a pretend “disaster relief” event in Ohio.
  • Mitt Romney flip-flopped on FEMA funding this week Previously, he called for more power to be given to the states and privatization of disaster relief but now he’s singing a different tune.
  • Mitt Romney’s former BFF, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is now Team Obama (sorta), as he and the president are working together to help the state of New Jersey where some of the most extensive storm damage took place.
  • Mitt Romney is airing a new ad in Ohio that is so full of lies, the CEOs of Chrysler and General Motors have spoken out against it. Romney seems desperate to win Ohio which he needs to have a credible path to 270 electoral votes but his complete revision of the history of the auto bailout seems over the top.
  • Another day, another Republican says something stupid and insensitive about rape.