A look at the political week that was…

●      Another week of stalled negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff.

●      Even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says, “We’re headed over the cliff.

●      The Supreme Court denies temporary injunction against contraception mandate.

●      The NRA failed in spectacular fashion to sound reasonable in their first comments since Newtown.  Even influential Republicans are saying they are out of touch.

●      The White House petition to classify Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group is the most popular ever.

●      Lisa Jackson, the first African American to head up the Environmental Protection Agency announced her resignation this week after four years.

●      Remember the debt ceiling? We’re about to hit it in 5 days.

●      Senator John Kerry (D-MA) has been nominated to follow Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

●      Another cabinet position, Secretary of Defense, might be filled by Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) but there have been a number of attacks on his possible nomination even before any official announcement.