Days until the election: 32

  • Is Mitt Romney making a comeback?  Polls aren’t showing one yet but a solid debate performance will be the ultimate test in order to see if the presidential race is over or whether we are back to a horse race.
  • It’s important to remember though that presidential debates don’t normally impact the outcome of the election.  Remember, John Kerry beat President George W. Bush handily in the debates in 2004.
  • Even if Mitt Romney “won” in terms of style, he lacked on substance.  Here are 27 myths Mitt Romney told at last night’s debate in 38 minutes.
  • It’s all about the electoral college.  The first candidate to 270 wins and it remains to be seen how any stellar debate performance for Mitt Romney can help him out with this math.
  • Some right-wing media outlets tried to make a story out of President Obama code-switching in a speech at Hampton University in 2007.  Apparently, having a “blackcent” is controversial.
  • Maybe by next week’s vice presidential debate Congressman Paul Ryan will have worked out the math in his own tax plan. 
  • The Violence Against Women Act expired a year ago and Republicans are still blocking reauthorization.