Days left until election: 53

  • If Mitt Romney loses the election in November, this will be the week that he lost it.  With tragic news out of Libya, the Romney campaign chose to attack the president with false claims instead of doing the patriotic thing and expressing condolences and national unity during an ongoing international crisis.  Even Republicans are calling Romney’s statement an “utter disaster.”
  • Here is some background on the veteran diplomat U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens who was assassinated in Libya this week.
  • Meanwhile, four national polls show that Mitt Romney has lost his advantage over President Obama when it comes to the question of who is better suited to handle the economy.  This is a big deal.
  • Did Mitt Romney really ask his vice presidential hopefuls for 10 years of tax returns at the same time he refused to release his own to American voters? Yes.
  • The voter purge in Florida continues.
  • In a major shift, the Federal Reserve will do more to stimulate the economy after a series of weak jobs reports.
  • House Republicans proposed a bill this week to block the Obama administration’s new welfare waiver policy.