Days until Election Day: 46

  • This week was all about the tape heard round the world with Mitt Romney recorded by a hidden camera at a high dollar fundraiser saying 47 percent of Americans are lazy freeloaders who pay no income taxes. Props to the folks at Mother Jones for the big reveal.
  • The chaos created by the 47 percent tape cannot be understated.  Team Romney didn’t apologize for the tape though, instead choosing to double down as they have with many of the candidates “gaffes.”
  • While Romney was busy dismissing half the population, Obama for America launched a new site, “For All,” which is made up of images of regular folks and celebrities declaring their support for the president who is working for everyone.
  • The battleground state polls are looking bleak for Romney who now is losing and outside the margin of error in the must win states of Ohio and Virginia.  President Obama also leads in Florida but is within the margin of error in the Sunshine state.
  • Congressional Republicans blocked a jobs bill for veterans, yes veterans, in an apparent attempt to make sure no one votes for them ever again.
  • Attorney General Eric Holder was cleared of any wrongdoing in the partisan witch-hunt popularly known as the “Fast and Furious” scandal.