Days until election day: 18

  • The second presidential debate was Tuesday night and President Obama apparently had something caffeinated beforehand and appeared awake and feisty, unlike the first debate.
  • What is up with these national tracking polls?  The latest Gallup poll has Mitt Romney up 7 points but doesn’t include any bounce President Obama may have received after Tuesday’s debate.  It also looks like Romney’s poll numbers are being boosted nationally because of huge leads in the South (i.e. states that don’t matter in terms of the electoral college like Texas and Alabama).
  • We may be anxious about President Obama being down 7 points, but it’s important to note that President Obama is still up 1 point in Ohio (a must win state for Romney) even in the right leaning Rasmussen poll.
  • Mitt Romney stumbled badly on questions about equal pay for women and the deadly terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.
  • Romney’s embarrassing stumble and phrase Binders full of women is now an internet sensation.
  • Mitt Romney’s eldest son Tagg (yes, Tagg is his name) said he wants to “take a swing” at the president.  Fall back Tagg.
  • Big news for marriage equality supporters!  A federal appeals court in New York has declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama explains why this election is so important for women in new OFA video.