Days Left Until Election: 39

  • Mitt Romney’s week circling the drain continues with a week of polls showing President Obama widening his leads must win states like Ohio and Florida.  If Mitt Romney loses Ohio and Florida, he will lose the election.
  • Team Romney has started to question all the polls in order to explain why their candidate is losing so badly.
  • The first of three presidential debates is next Wednesday, October 6th.  Both campaigns are trying very hard to lower expectations in order to set the stage for their candidate to come out on top in the eyes of the media.
  • Early voting has started in the critical swing state of Iowa.
  • The Obama campaign hits Mitt Romney for his now infamous 47% comments with an ad that simply plays the tape without any additional commentary.  Ouch.
  • Romney’s Bain Capital may have had some questionable investments in a Chinese company just as the candidate attacks the president on his policy towards China.
  • Turns out that President Obama’s record on jobs is a lot better than we thought.  Over the course of his first term, the president has had net positive job growth since he took office.
  • On the other hand, experts say Romney’s economic plan would have a devastating impact on jobs.
  • Florida restarts purging voters from the rolls just in time for the election.