Another look at the political week that was…

●      This week NBA star Jason Collins was the first high-profile male athelete to come out of the closet as gay.

●      Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor admits that Bush v. Gore was a mistake.

●      Pennsylvania’s Governor says his state’s unemployment is so high because most of the people out of work are on drugs.

●      Senator Jeff Flake’s poll numbers plummet after his vote against background checks for gun purchases.

●      Senator Kelly Ayotte is also feeling the after effects of her vote against the Newtown families and two of her town halls have had angry eruptions from background-check supporters this week.

●      Other Democrats in red states are finding their polls numbers improving after their vote against background checks.

●      President Obama calls for the closing of GITMO, againWill Congress listen this time?

●      3 more men have been arrested and charged in the Boston marathon bombing for allegedly removing evidence from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s dorm room.

●      The Obama administration rejects science yet again and appeals a judge’s decision to permit all women access to Plan B contraception over the counter.