A look at the political/news week that was….

  • This week was yet another week with high pitched calls for attorney general Eric Holder’s resignation.
  • New polling shows that the American public is much more concerned with the economy than any of the so-called scandals the media has been focused on the past few weeks.
  • The zaniest member of Congress, Michele Bachmann (R-MN) announced her retirement this week.  Good riddance!
  • George Zimmerman is going with the “Blame the Victimdefense strategy.
  • Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly says Republicans should focus on attracting White votersWait, what?
  • Another letter sent to President Obama has tested positive for the poison ricin.
  • President Obama taps former Bush official James Comey to head up the FBI.
  • A 22-year old woman in El Salvador will likely die after being denied a lifesaving abortion.  “Beatriz” will be forced to give birth to a brain dead fetus and she will likely die as a result.
  • Why is Dartmouth University punishing women who report their rapes more harshly than the actual rapists?