Another look at the political week that was:

  • The George W. Bush Presidential Library opened this week but did it whitewash his record and failure with the Iraq War and Hurricane Katrina? It certainly tried to make us forget what kind of president he was.
  • Why did this Michigan high school protect their star basketball player instead of the young woman accusing him of rape?
  • Rhode Island Republicans hop on the marriage equality bandwagon while over in Nevada the state senate voted 12-9 to repeal the state’s constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage.
  • France also legalized gay marriage this week.
  • American hospitals are reportedly deporting undocumented immigrants while they are unconscious.
  • Rush Limbaugh had the nerve to compare the Boston bombers to Trayvon Martin.
  • West Virginia high school student Katelyn Campell stands up against abstinence-only sex education in her school.
  • Democratic Senator Max Baucus says he won’t seek re-election a week after voting against background checks for gun purchases.
  • The man who allegedly sent letters covered in ricin to the president has been released from FBI custody.