Certain stories just don't pass the immediate sniff test, and George Zimmerman scurrying out of whatever hole he's been hiding in to save a family in a flipped over SUV is one of them. It's just hard to believe that a man apparently not physically capable of defending himself from an unarmed teen without shooting and killing him is all of a sudden physically capable and brave enough to pull people out of wrecked car. And, a recent report from News Ball gives even more reason to be more cynical. 

Longtime supporter (& one source still being investigated by NB is claiming friend) of George Zimmerman, Officer Patrick Rehder’s cell phone records reveal a text or call to George Zimmerman right after the 5:47 PM crash was called in. This tipped Zimmerman off to the car crash accident & to get there to assist the family before Officer Rehder arrived. Zimmerman, still hiding out in the same neighborhood that he killed Trayvon Martin in, was less than a mile away to jump into action & be a hero with his passive aggressive approach KNOWING that his name on the police report would eventually be made public. We didn’t give Zimmerman enough credit – he had a larger role in orchestrating this than we thought was possible. The phone records, coupled with a source confirming to NB that George Zimmerman is in possession of a police scanner (like the wannabee cop he continues to be) so that he can listen in to accidents in the area “in need of a super hero.”