Even the based god that is Rick Fox was mesmerized by it.

Been a Ghost

Posted by Rick Fox on Saturday, August 15, 2015

And with good reason. Power on STARZ is amazing TV. We do not need to, nor should we compare it to another watercooler worthy (in a different way) “Empire.” We also don’t need to draw comparisons to The Wire. Because… Omar.

What we do need to do is talk about the season finale, so if you are not caught up, proceed no further than this point. If you have seen everything Ghost, Tasha, Angela and Tommy have to offer, check out this superfan’s list of 10 Things True Fans Know About Power.

1. You can sing all of Joe’s part in the theme, “Big Rich Town.” **from the diaphragm** “I live in a big rich town. I just come from the poorest part.”

2. You are unapologetically #teamtasha. While everyone is salivating over Taraji P. Henson as Cookie (deservedly so), Naturi Naughton needs an Emmy for her performance as the put-upon, money-hungry moll to Ghost’s gangster. Her nuanced, measured portrayal should be #actinggoals for many of her peers.

3. Kanan a.k.a. “The Walking Dead” infuriates you. Really, son? Who is this dude, Jason Voorhes? No shade toward 50 Cent, who perhaps too aptly portrays a dead-eyed kingpin with an axe to grind against Ghost, but he really needed to go. New villain, please!

4. Tommy is EVERYTHING. Admittedly when I first laid eyes on this faintly Eminem-looking character, I thought, “what the…?” But I have actually fallen in love with the hotheaded half of Los Lobos distribution center. His relationship with Holly is ill advised, dysfunctional and at times frightening, but you can’t help but root for him to have a boo so he can stop being a third wheel with Ghost/Tasha/Angela. (Or would that make him a fourth wheel?)

5. Angela makes you want to fight the air even if your arms are too short to box with God.  Yes, overuse of the caps function, but needed when talking about this one here. I’m not even mad at her for being sidepiece status. In fact, I understood Ghost’s attraction to her as the one who got away, and also because she isn’t trying to keep him in the thug life. (Yeah Tasha, you wrong for that…) However, over time, her spying, sleuthing and using everyone and everything to solve her case makes her more of a nuisance than an empathetic heroine. I was hoping Ghost would let her goofy arse get disbarred, but of course, he had an app for that.

6. Shawn looks like Dwyane Wade. Okay, that isn’t really the point I was going for, but it had to be said. Or I should say “looked,” because chauffeur bae is dead. My real point, which I am hesitant to state, is that he pretty much climbed into his own coffin. If your father is crazy, barely opens his mouth when he talks, and sent your inexperienced assassin self to kill Ghost (a.k.a. the Terminator), he doesn’t care about you. Not one bit. To go talk mess to Kanan while bringing him back a gun with a silencer? Not smart, sir… even for a man foolish enough to make out with the mother of his muscle-bound boss’s kids.

7. You miss the syndicate… already. Damn, if Ghost didn’t go in (see above mention as the Terminator) and clean up the mess left by Lobos. Almost errybody got merked. Word to Goodfellas.

8. Felipe Lobos is way over the top. Actor Enrique Murciano seems to have blended every supervillain from a Bond movie, plus some episodes of New York Undercover and added a shot of Hennessy to come up with his character.

9. Tommy and Ghost’s bromance was like The Notebook and Love Jones for fellas. Tommy’s contorted crazy face when Holly suggested they team up and throw Ghost under the bus spoke volumes of his love for his brother-from-another-mother. When this beautiful bromantic love died in the finale, I felt like I did when I first heard the false rumors that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett were getting a divorce.

10. Season 3 will be a beast. Tommy and Ghost divorced. Angela and Ghost trying to be together, with Angie’s scorned ex on their tails. Holly back in the picture with Tommy. Kanan coming shrugging off a shard of glass to the gut with enough strength to break a door down. I dare someone to call my phone during the season premiere. And yes, I am already thinking about that. So what?!