It’s been 70 years since EBONY magazine first debuted on newsstands. Documenting the Black experience with articles on the latest in news and entertainment, the iconic publication, founded by John H. Johnson, provided content made for us and by us.

With EBONY’s 70th birthday and annual Power 100 celebration right around the corner, we’re teaming up with, an online charity for public schools, to encourage students to learn more about their history and race relations in America.

Wondering what gift to give for the momentous occasions? Consider donating to the four classroom projects we’re highlighting below with help from
Young Adult Fiction: Challenging Assumptions for Justice

Warren Early College High School 

Warrenton, NC

Ms. Seitz class mission is: “One day, we will be able to live fulfilling and prosperous lives and seek higher education in order to support our families, our communities, and each other.”  With $935 the students can have books that will enhance their understanding of social justice topics such as defining mental health, dismantling racism, and challenging heteronormativity.


Between the World and Me Documentary

Osborne High School

Marietta, GA

After Toni Morrison gave Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me her stamp of approval, Mrs. T’s students, who were awestruck by The Bluest Eye, were inspired to video record their own dealings with “discrimination, colorism, poverty and the media constructs of beauty.” To complete the compelling film, they need $691 for cameras and other materials.


Blacklivesmatter Reading Materials

Thomas Edison High School

Philadelphia, PA

Mrs. Washburn is “convinced that Ta-Nehisi Coates’ [Between the World and Me] and Michelle Alexander’s [The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness] are the most engaging and relevant works for teaching basic literacy skills while integrating a robust and meaningful exploration of disenfranchised voices from the literary canon.” With $934, she will be able to order 55 copies of the texts for students.


Black History Month: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Prescott High School 

Prescott, AR

Ms. M’s students need books that are written by people of color, women, and women of color. This novel is all of that plus Maya Angelou is from Arkansas so these students can make a personal connection. With $186 the students will be able to use this novel to explore an influential Arkansan during Black History Month.


Celebrating Black History Year-Round

McDonogh City Park Academy

New Orleans, LA

Ms. Pleasant is requesting $852 for books that will give her students “the opportunity [for the first time in their academic career] to select books with characters who look like them.” Once her project reaches its goal, she will have a full classroom set of 30 new books that will “inspire… empower …[and] bring joy to her students.” For the first time in their academic experience [her students] will have the opportunity to select books with characters who look like them and share their heritage.”


To make a contribution to any or all of the above, visit this site.