Just in case reality television isn't over the top enough, True Entertainment, the production company behind the Real Housewives of Atlanta, is producing a reality show for the ‘first-ladies’ of the South. It’s no surprise that Atlanta, the city of a thousand mega-churches, is the home to the series that will air this fall on TLC.

As of right now the working title is “Preacher Wives,” which will follow the spouses of local preachers showing how they balance home and church life. “With most praise in religious communities directed towards male preachers, we are thrilled to give these remarkable ladies the spotlight they crave and deserve,” True Entertainment president Steven Weinstock says. Spotlight they crave? Oh, sorry! We thought being a lead figure in the church was for the good of God. But here’s the fun part: Which wives, besides Mrs. Creflo Dollar (obvious choice), should be chosen for the show? 

Has the wacky reality television universe gone a bit too far left with this one? Why does this seem a bit exploitive of Black culture?