Prince’s family is reportedly holding out on releasing new music because…wait for it… they want to include the unheard tracks in their reality show.

Pump theee brakes.

TMZ reported that Prince’s estate wants to get in show business and that’s the reason they “went to war to shut down the release of a new album” that was initially said to be released on April 21, the one-year anniversary of his passing.

If in fact, this little birdie is true and a show is to come to fruition, the theme would center on how the lives of Prince’s family changed since he died.

Right now, the family is in a battle with George Ian Boxhill who produced the “Purple One’s” Deliverance EP. They’re requesting that he keeps all new music under wraps.

As for the show, it’s in early development and a production company is on board, however no other details have been revealed in relation to a potential network or air date.

Sure, we’ll never turn down an opportunity to hear new sounds from one of the music industry’s most significant influencers, but when thinking about the type of artist Prince was, would he really want his life or that of his family members revealed on a televised platform and in the form of a reality series?

How do you feel about all of this, EBONY fam? Would you be interested in watching this show?