Prince was very protective of his image and intellectual property before his 2016 passing, which means it only makes sense that he be at the helm of his own memoir, even after his untimely death.


“The Purple One’s” official memoir will be published by this holiday season, ICM Partners’ Esther Newberg announced Wednesday on Variety’s Strictly Business podcast. According to EUR, three editors met with Prince at his Paisley Park home in Minneapolis where a deal was finalized just weeks before his passing.

“It’s never been done before. Editors don’t like to be in the same room making their pitches to the same potential clients. We had to do it because I knew he would not want to meet individually with editors.”

The “Darling Nikki” singer was “committed to the book project” and along with author Dan Piepenbring,  hand wrote over 50 manuscript pages. The project has been tentatively titled The Beautiful Ones.