Some of  The Purple One’s collectable items have a new address.  Mayte Garcia, Prince’s ex-wife and manager has packed up her “Prince Shrine” and left the items in the hands of Nate D. Sanders Auction house.

The 95 items listed on the auction site include  5-to-40 piece china sets from the former couple’s wedding, Mayte’s wedding dress and other ceremony memorabilia.

On the less personal side, those who wish to have a piece of the iconic  entertainer in their home can put in bids for Prince-worn scarves, jerseys, stage costumes, jewelry and more.  And waiiiit a minute, Mayte is even letting go of throwback demos.

What?!  Music.

The “Purple Fan Club”  is bound to go nuts for this. There is a variety of tapes ranging from the mastering of For You to a rare EPK containing the song “Jelly Jam.”  The track was initially unreleased but then made its debut as the instrumental portion of “Just as Long as We’re Together.”

Mayte first made reference of her shrine during season one of  Vh1’s Hollywood Exes, when a matchmaker encouraged the former dancer to “de-Prince” her home.

Get the full list of items and their price tag, here.  Secure your bids!