Janelle Monáe's upcoming sophomore album, The Electric Lady, will include guest appearances by Prince and Miguel.

In a new Billboard cover story, Monáe says she aims to "tell universal stories in unforgettable ways" on the album, due in September, and that conversations she had with collaborators helped inspire some of the tracks.

"We are great friends, and he is a mentor to us, to me," she says of Prince. "It's a beautiful thing to have a friend — someone who cares about your career, and wants to see you go far and to push boundaries and shake up the world — give whatever they possibly can to the cause."

Monáe jumped at the opportunity to work with her iconic friend, who is not exactly known for making guest appearances.

"I had a chance to produce an icon," says Monáe, who is keeping the name of their song under wraps. "It's not every day that he collaborates. I'm honored and humbled that he trusted me. He is forever my friend, and I am forever indebted. I can't say too much else about it."