Today, April 21 marks exactly one year since we lost the majestic and genius Prince Rogers Nelson. His passing was both a shock and heartbreaking when the news broke and was later confirmed.

Following the confirmed reports and gathering archival content of the beloved “Purple One,”  for the EBONY fam, the remainder of the day was pretty much a daze – and we weren’t alone in that feeling.

Tears would soon become soaked up by his wide catalogue of musical gems, his films, the subliminally “shady” moments that made us laugh and his candid thoughts on the music industry and growing spirituality. Prince meant so much to so many – near and far.

Across the nation, celebrations of his life took place. Folks danced in the streets, repped their Prince attire and bonded over their deep admiration for a man who embodied every bit of what it means to be an artist.

Quite honestly, “Party[ing] like it’s 1999” is mandatory when thinking of his legacy and over the course of four days (festivities kicked off on the 20th), his life and contributions will be honored at Paisley Park, Prince’s historic recording sanctuary, which now serves as a museum. From energy-fueled live performances to panel discussions and special presentations, Celebration 2017 will highlight the influence of “The Purple One.”

Below is a clip tease from George Clinton’s surprise performance on night one.

And for those who will join the “Purple Army” in spirit, you can keep up with the action via the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and

Hope you’re resting well, Prince!