A political action committee that was created to support Ben Carson during his race for president saw a surge in donations after the GOP hopeful made anti-Muslim comments.

Carson, during an appearance on Meet the Press, said he would not advocate for a Muslim president. While his remarks garnered backlash, conservatives decided to financiallly back him on a grand scale. 

"We sent out an email to Carson supporters and we've never had an email raise so much money so quickly– it's unbelievable," said John Phillip Sousa IV, who chairs the 2016 committee PAC. "My phone has exploded in the last 48 hours — of people wanting me to pass on to Dr. Carson how much they respect his truthfulness and believe in the American system, and how absolutely not should anyone who believes in Sharia law come close to the White House. The people are on Dr. Carson's side on this one — sorry NBC you lose."