People will probably be earning that pink slip left and right under this Trump administration.

Now that a public bigot and racist has wiggled his way into the White House, the true colors of discrimination will rear its fearless head with no shame.

Not that there was a lack of racism floating the coast of society under eight years of the Obama presidency, but with Trump in office, his followers seem to feel that their true feelings have a foundation of validity at this point.

Because we understand that mindset, doesn’t make it right or acceptable. The disrespect that has harmed not only the Black community, but President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama has been blatant and, sadly, is not coming to an end of any sorts.

Recently, a Trump-supporting police officer lost his gig after posting racist memes about Michelle Obama on Facebook. Why people still insist on using this platform for such behavior, only to lose their jobs is continuously baffling.

Nevertheless, it is reality and former officer Joe Husk is paying for it.

WBRC news station reported that Husk was fired after posting a meme that compared incoming first lady Melania Trump to FLOTUS.

And it read as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 1.34.00 PM

Ghetto?! Where, sir?

In addition to letting Husk go, Talladega Police Department’s City Manager,released a statement, “We will not tolerate that kind of conduct by any employees. We take very seriously our responsibility to treat everyone equally and equitably. We have to make sure we take steps for the community to trust us.”

Yo Husk, hope that spreading this offensive meme was worth it.