Philadelphia native and fashion design graduate Dom Streater has been on the move since she graced the set of Lifetime’s Emmy-nominated Project Runway and won season 12 of the competitive fashion-focused show. Since then, she’s been traveling and working on her own personal projects.

Just two months ago, the designer released her SS14 Capsule Collection, The New Mod, and is gearing up for New York Fashion Week (September 4-11). All in all, it’s wonderful to see a female designer of color building a brand in a Eurocentric-dominated industry. Aside from Streater’s invigorating textiles and chic silhouettes, this designer is a huge supporter of the natural hair community and embraces her own curls.

Though she jokes around by saying, “Man, I think I contributed like a million dollars to the natural hair product industry,” she shared her list of favorite products and items that she can’t live without.

EBONY: What are your top go-to hair products and how do you like to use them?

Dom Streater: I own the whole bottom cabinet in the bathroom. For shampoo, I like the Dr. Bronner Castile Soap. For my daily co-wash, I use Mane ’n Tail Conditioner. I also use the Aussie conditioner as my daily co-wash. For detangling, I use the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and a Tangle Teaser. That is a miracle worker! I use the Denman Brush occasionally, but that Tangle Teaser is really good. And for a leave-in, I either use Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner, or Infusium 23.

EBONY: Is the Infusium 23 a repair product?

DS: Yeah, it’s probably like one of those repair system things, but you can find it at any beauty store. It’s a liquid, and you mix it with water and put it on your hair. That actually makes the strands of my hair thicker. I have really fine hair, so it helps not to break. And for gel, I either use Isoplus or Goddess Curls. I actually prefer that, because it’s lighter and less sticky. It’s clear and comes in a tall bottle. And then for my oil, I use coconut oil.

—Marisa Peal