When attending a gathering, you should never show up empty-handed. This is especially true during the holiday season, which is all about the gift of giving, sharing and thankfulness. However, figuring out the best thing to bring to your host's home can be challenging. Why not bring a dessert for all to share? 's a win-win.

Be the ultimate party guest and wow your friends by bringing one of these Black-owned treats to your next holiday function.

Tonya's Cookies

tonyas cookies
Tonya's Cookies
Pecan Crisp Gift Tin

Price: $24

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Cookies are widely popular. No matter the mix-in, it's a solid choice. Pecan crisp brings a spiced goodness reminiscent of holidays past and Tonya's Cookies is notorious for the combination of their carmelized nutty version.

Patti Labelle Pies

patti pie 2
Patti Labelle Pies
8 inch Sweet Potato Pie

Price: $5

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Patti Labelle is beloved for so many reasons aside from her singing. Her cooking skills are renowned. Her signature sweet potato pie is in line with holiday traditions and tastes just like your grandma might have baked it.

Sweet Dames Artisanal Confections

Sweet Dames
Bite-Size Salted Caramel Coconut Macaroon Bundle

Price: $42

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For a more unique option to bring to the holiday table, consider check out the bite-sized treats of this Washington D.C.-based brand. Sweet Dames offers an assortment of coconut macaroons that are both decadent and delightful.


Birthday Cake Variety Box

Price: $35

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For folks who love to provide a sampling of options, Blondery offers a variety of brownies options. From brown sugar, birthday cake and more, this brand has it all.

Creamalicious Artisanal Ice Cream

Aunt Poonie's Caramel Pound Cake

Price: $8

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Going viral for its flavors that represent the culture, Creamalicious Ice Cream is a communal treat that can be enjoyed alone or layered atop of another yummy dessert. Your host will thank you multiple times over after getting a taste of this deliciously creamy confection.