To win a Grammy is largely considered the greatest recognition possible for a musician, though plenty of the world’s greatest creators go unnoticed by the academy.

While several high-profile artists have called out what they consider to be an unfair judging system, Q-Tip is the latest to rip the organization to shreds for not nominating A Tribe Called Quest’s last album, We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service.

Shortly after the official list of 2018 nominees was revealed, the Queens-bred rapper and producer took to Twitter in a fury, exclaiming “F*ck the grammys!!!” while calling them out on the huge oversight.

“We were the most black, cultured group out. That’s all we stood on. That’s what we represented, This last Tribe album, this stands with everyone else’s shit that’s up there. I don’t give a f*ck.”

He continued, “I’m sick of y’all f*ckin’ Grammy n*ggas, man. Ya’ll get us get out there to perform last year and close and sh*t, and y’all don’t get us no f*cking nominations?”

Meanwhile, Cardi B is busy defending her own Grammy nods, as “Bodak Yellow” is nominated for best rap song and best rap performance.

Check out Tip’s Grammy rant below.

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