When word spread late last month that The Queen Latifah Show had been cancelled, it left a lot of her fans scratching their heads. Latifah’s special brand of hosting and her easy way of just being felt like viewers invited one of their homegirls into their living rooms every day. Upon news spreading of the cancellation, she addressed her crew in a heartfelt Facebook post, a portion of which read:

“Thank you for your strong work ethic and great effort in getting The Queen Latifah Show off the ground and running. Your dedication and sacrifice was crucial to the entire team, and in the face of intense challenges, you displayed ‘True Grit’! We truly changed people’s lives for the better,” Latifah continued. “So… STAY POSITIVE, STAY STRONG, and most importantly, STAY OPEN… There is so much more God has in store!”

Thankfully, there is so much more in store from the Oscar-nominated actress. The Queen Latifah Show will continue to air brand new episodes through March. She’s also slated to host the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo. Then next year, she’ll step into blues legend Bessie Smith’s shoes, portraying her in an HBO film she’ll also co-produce with her own Flavor Unit Entertainment. Finally, Latifah will continue to produce the reboot of the spicy Single Ladies series for Centric, premiering in March 2015.

EBONY.com had the chance the chat with Latifah on the set of The Queen Latifah Show recently, where she offered up some introspective thoughts about her life and how she’s choosing to live it.

We found out she’s #TeamNatural when it comes to her hair:

Queen Latifah: “I rest my hair. I’ve been doing a lot of things for a long time that have caused me to have a lot of hair and makeup and wardrobe back-to-back-to-back, so we really try to take care of it. I learned to rest my hair. I grew out my perm years ago; especially coming from Jersey to L.A., it was something I was able to do. So as soon as I get outta here, I clip these extensions out, I go home, take a nice hot shower, let the water flow through my hair and we get the wave back again.”

She revealed how she deals with stress:

QL: “I deal with stress in various ways… Music is one of the ways I can detach, check out.  Sitting still, yoga… being silent. I’m around hundreds of people every day, and I’ve come to really appreciate silence. I find beauty in very simple things… my family. My mother can smile, that just makes me happy. My father cracks a joke. I love. Loving is important. Human contact, touching, loving, you know… handling that.”

She revealed how she feels about being a role model to young girls and women:

QL: “It’s a weight to carry when you’re a very fallible human being yourself and you’re learning as you go along. But I think that is also a part of what you can share. It’s that you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be like everyone else.”

She revealed how she really felt about the reversal of roles in becoming the interviewer instead of the interviewee:

QL: “It’s a blessing and a curse, having been a guest on so many people’s couches or shows.  The blessing is that I can respect the position that they’re in. The thing about being an actor, a singer, a rapper, a producer, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a businesswoman is that I can respect a lot of people’s positions. I can have a lot of empathy. And [I’m] someone who’s done all of this while standing up and falling down though life. It’s very difficult to do this with the world watching you.”

Crystal Shaw King is a seasoned  TV, radio and online entertainment writer.  She’s also a contributing editor for a social justice foundation in Los Angeles.  Follow her on Twitter @crystalamberbam