Queen Latifah may be known for rocking the mic, entertaining fans on the stage and screen, and being a smart businesswoman, but she’s also aware of the challenges that plague our nation.

Recently, the media mogul stopped by the Today Show to promote her upcoming animated film, Ice Age: Collision Course, and Latifah took a few minutes to address the recent shootings of Alton SterlingPhilando Castile, and the police officers in Dallas.

During the interview, Latifah wondered how she’s supposed to turn off her feelings to promote her film.

“All day I’m watching what’s going on with Alton Sterling and the young man in Minnesota, and his fiancée and baby, and then I gotta to walk into an Ice Age screening. Am I supposed to just let that go?”

Latifah added, “No, I’m Black wherever I go. I deal with the same experiences that other people deal with.”

While Latifah understands the struggle, she’s also the daughter, sister, and niece of a police officers.

“I don’t want the guns turned on police no more than I want the guns turned on us,” she explained.

(skip to the 3:11 mark)

Though she supports law enforcement officers, Latifah said it’s time for police officers to be held accountable when they do wrong.

“It’s time to make an example out of someone who is a police officer. Because there’s no way all these things can happen and there’s no guilty police officers,” she said.

According to Latifah, holding police officers accountable will not only make the public feel better, but it will also protect good cops too.

“[Not getting justice] creates more animosity. You make all these good cops have to walk out here, dealing with bad cops’ B.S.”

Latifah concluded, “We have to get real about it. If we get real about it, we can deal with it.”