Can you imagine a Black woman owning and operating her own farm mill?

That may soon become a reality in the Bordelon family, where siblings Charley, Nova and Ralph Angel continue the fight to protect the farm their deceased father held deep in his heart.

As we’ve come to learn throughout the first seaon of Queen Sugar, the acres of land now owned by the Bordelon siblings comes with a harsh and intense history rooted in slavery and a battle with the powerful Landry family.

The Landrys owned the Bordelon family during slavery and let them sharecrop the land after abolition. When the Landrys fell on hard times during the Great Depression, the Bordelons bought some of the Landry land. However, once the Landrys regained their wealth, they claimed the sale never happened and tried to get the land back. Their tactics included lynching some of the Bordelon men, including Ernest’s (the siblings’ father) older brother.

The bank finally found the title for the land, certifying to the Bordelons’ rightful and legal ownership, but the Landrys and the Boudreauxs (their relatives) did everything they could to prevent the Bordelon’s farm from thriving.

There’s legacy instilled in the farm mill and with every blow that comes swinging at the Bordelons, they bounce right back with their own chess move.

While the Bordelon’s fight the Landrys and protect their land, personal drama between the characters continue to escalate in the season finale.

After finding out the truth about Davis, her husband, Charley continues being strategic, making calculated moves as it relates to his basketball career. Meanwhile Davis tries to mend the broken relationship with his son, Micah, but the reconciliation attempt is anything but a slam dunk.

Throughout the season, we watched as Nova went hard for what she believed in and is passionate about, regardless of any contradictions that arose. But when Nova and Calvin, her former flame, rekindle their relationship, it stirs up controversy in the community.

Meanwhile, Aunt Vi and Hollywood are still experiencing a rough patch in their relationship, leaving fans to wonder if this the end, or the blossoming of a new beginning?

And our dear, complex Ralph Angel discovers something that rocks his world and changes everything.

In the exclusive clip below, Ralph Angel, Nova, Charley and Remy meet to discuss the farm, and things get tense.

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