Tina Lifford’s talent as an actress and creative is undeniable. She’s passionate in a way that offers authenticity when she graces the screen and her animated spirit captures your attention, instantly.

We’ve seen her before in shows such as NBC’s Parenthood,  Lincoln Heights and if you recall back to 1994,  the critically acclaimed dramedy South Central, co-starring Larenz Tate.

But it is in the success series, Queen Sugar, where she takes on the role of Aunt Vi, that her talents are spilling over and inviting new eyes to experience her gift – one that has captured diverse audiences for over 20 years.

As Aunt Vi, Lifford brings the vibe of the  aunt who has your best interest at heart. Within the Bordelon family, she is the protector and glue that holds Nova, Ralph Angel and Charlie together in the toughest storms. She’ll laugh with you but also set you straight when you get beside yourself.

In its essence,  Queen Sugar has set a cinematic standard for capturing the Black family in a light that shows unrestrictive vulnerability, tough battles within the family structure, and love on all levels – even when the picture isn’t the prettiest or the road isn’t smooth.

“This [show] is right on time,” Lifford exclaims during her visit to the EBONY offices. “One of the things that makes it so addictive and attractive is that in watching these people, you feel yourself and there’s something about that, that feels good.”

Up top, EBONY spoke with Ms. Tina Lifford about fierce accountability, getting into character,  and the beauty in Queen Sugar’s storytelling.

Video by Chan C. Smith